Follow my adventures in video!

The Research Phase:

First Month Update:

Arrival in Stockholm; settling in:

The Story Begins:


2 Responses to Videos

  1. Erika Lunding says:

    Dear Chloe Chapin,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and info about your brilliant project. Your project – content, videos, kickstarter funding – is a huge inspiration to me. I am a fashion historian/writer, living in Stockholm. I have an MA in Fashion Studies from Stockholm University (2012).

    In addition to my interest in general fashion studies, literature, photography etc., I am also a member of an academic network focusing on girl studies: (IGSA; Facebook etc.). Still; it’s all connected, right?

    Good luck with your research project, and congratulations to making it through your first Swedish winter! I look forward to following your updates.

    Erika Lunding

    • says:

      Dear Erika,
      Thanks so much for your message! I’d love to hear more about your work in girl studies. Maybe we can connect while I’m in Stockholm? Feel free to email me:
      Best, Chloe

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