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Trickle-down fashions

I love how this middle-class kid in Holland is wearing the same fashionable petticoat breeches with crazy ribbon trim that kings were wearing across Europe – it really shows the international power of fashion! These breeches had legs that were … Continue reading

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17th century sock lines

I love discovering images that make history feel more like real life. In this somewhat risquĂ© painting of a lady taking her stockings off, you can clearly see the indentations left from the garters that had held her stockings up … Continue reading

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Why table legs have boobs

Ever wonder why table legs have boobs? I just found out they’re good practice for the uninitiated. This boy and his friend had been sitting on the floor giggling and fondling this poor table leg for a while. When discovered … Continue reading

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What we make fashion out of

Well, not clothes, necessarily. But accessories are usually included in with whatever that unwieldy word “fashion” includes, and are often places to find unique and interesting materials. I saw some interesting examples at the Museum of Bags and Purses* in … Continue reading

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