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Students support teen banned for wearing a tux

Another example of students wearing ties in protest – this time at the San Francisco Catholic school Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, in support of a classmate who had been banned from the yearbook for wearing a tuxedo. Jessica Urbina wore … Continue reading

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Men: the Neutral Background

This NYTimes article announces a ‘radical change’ in the dress code for men at this year’s Met Gala for the costume institute. This year, “full evening dress” is required, meaning tailcoats, white waistcoats and white bowties:   The problem being: … Continue reading

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Men’s Fashion Week

Well, it’s January, so of course we’re talking about fall fashion, even though we still have to actually live through winter, spring AND summer before we get there. Because that’s just how bizarre the fashion system is. This New York … Continue reading

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History does not just mean the history of men

I just saw this ad for the 2014 World Cup: It’s a great commercial, super inspiring. Except for one thing: all the athletes are men, and the only women are nearly naked cheerleader/showgirls in feathered headdresses. (Ok, there are two … Continue reading

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Custom Suits for Women

This New York Times article looks at the growing field of tailors – making suits for women. Interesting how the focus of the article is on transwomen and lesbians – still using gendered dressing to define both gender and sexuality. … Continue reading

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